Gazmend Freitag: The red bed, 2014, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm

Red, white and green form the stage on which a young woman appears to lie lost in thought before or after lovemaking. Clean shapes and extensively applied colors create a sense of powerful feelings. The angle of bed and body put the viewer right into the scene. At the same time the tilt of the head and the expression of the face suggest wistfulness at odds with what is happening. A masterful painting in the style of Post-Impressionism.

Gazmend Freitag: The Artist’s Life, 2020, Öl auf Leinwand, 120 x 120 cm

Manchmal tut es gut, sich zu entspannen und die Welt aus einer anderen Perspektive zu betrachten. Hier gibt sich der Künstler charmant, mit einem positiven Blick auf die Zukunft.

Gazmend Freitag with self portrait 2020. © Johann Traunwieser

The new work of Albanian Artist Gazmend Freitag shows his „doppelgänger“, the entity with whom he spent the weeks of quarantine in his studio in Linz in Upper Austria. Colorful, strong and ready for action they present themselves now to the public. And answer four questions put to them by writer Monika Grill.

Monika Grill: You just finished your new self portrait. Like everyone else you had to abide by the quarantine regulations. How did you do, alone in your studio, without being able to see your friends?

Gazmend Freitag: This is nothing new for me. I am always painting…

Gazmend Freitag Self-Portrait, 2020


People are the centre of Gazmend Freitag’s pictures. Some art critics say such a focus is antiquated, while many art enthusiasts see it even as modern. Objectively speaking, the topic is timeless, and so eternal.

Portraits are more than photographs, documenting more than just current affairs. Portraits are pieces of a puzzle from an era filtered through the artist’s vision. Gazmend Freitag draws and paints portraits, contributing to the cultural history of the 21 st. century

Gazmend Freitag Self-Portrait, 2020

Gazmend Freitag at his studio in Linz. © Johann Traunwieser

Monika Grill

„The native Kosovan, who fled his homeland in 1990 and has been living and working in Linz since 2004, is a connoisseur of beauty and of the human body. His work is characterized by sensuality, romanticism and vibrant colors in the tradition of the Postexpressionistic movement.“

FREITAG — Die Bilder meines Schulfreundes

Riat Ajazaj (Auor),
Gazmend Freitag (Illustrator)

Nach 25 Jahren hat mein Schulfreund Riat Ajazaj mich gefunden. Die ersten Gespräche führten wir via Skype und wir hatten viel von einander zu erzählen. Aus Riat ist ein Schriftsteller geworden und aus mir ein Maler. Jetzt hat Riat ein Buch über mich geschrieben und ich bin begeistert, wie schön und spannend er erzählt! Und das alles auf Deutsch. Vielen herzlichen Dank, lieber Freund!

Gazmend Freitag: Damenrückenakt, Linz, 2019. Photo: Johann Traunwieser

What inspires an artist? A photograph by an Italian photographer found in a collection of old books. A woman that entices the mind and the heart. A black hat with a red ribbon.

Together they add up to a lovely painting that exudes an aura of youth, playfulness and romanticism.

The Albanian born painter Gazmend Freitag, who lives and works in Linz, Austria, is known for his colorful erotic paintings and his lovely portraits in pencil and pastels. Here he uses strong brushstrokes, complementary colors and a wonderful play of light to define the rather ethereal appearance of a young woman, who seems to try on the black hat as a source of strength and confidence. The casually held towel mirrors the red of the ribbon and serves as a counterweight.

Text: Monika Grill

Gazmend Freitag „At the Danube!“, 2018, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

Recently Gazmend Freitag is out and about in his adopted city of Linz to capture scenes of daily life. Here he shares his portrait of a young woman who enjoys a green reading oasis near the Danube river.

Text: Monika Grill

Gazmend Freitag

Comtemporary Albanian Painter! I’m a Kosovar artist living and making art in Linz, Austria. I was born in Pataqani i Poshtëm, Republic of Kosovo on 25 May 1968.

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